What We Do

Score Music

* We specialise in scoring bespoke music for brand films, whether it’s a TVC or Online Content, with a high hit rate for “nailing briefs” first time around.

* We offer the services of a select roster of professional screen composers from around the world, who pitch on your TVC or brand content. 

* Our composers work around the clock in different time zones, which means they are in the best position to “jump straight on to your brief” when you upload it.


* We work with you and the screen composer to deliver a final piece of scored bespoke music on brief, on budget and within the timeline that you specify. 

* All of our professional screen composers are signed to strict non-disclosure agreements ensuring total confidentiality at all times. 

* Working to your film and creative brief, we utilise our production skills and knowledge to create the perfect music track for your TVC or Content piece.

Give More

* We do not charge for demos, you only pay when you licence your preferred track, or if you require revisions to your preferred track prior to licencing. 

* We have three, simple usage options that all include exclusive worldwide use, and can be upgraded to “buyout” and or “cross campaign” use.

* Revisions are included in the usage fee.

* Cut-downs are included in the usage fee.

How it Works





Our Licences

* We have three simple blanket licences that cover 99% of most peoples usage requirements. However if there is something specific that you are after that isn’t covered by any of them, please drop us a line at info@musicbrief.com


Online Content

Online use only


AUS $8k

original music
scored to pictures

revisions and
cutdowns included

exclusive use,
12 months, worldwide

Any Media

Online, tv, radio, cinema etc


AUS $15k

original music
scored to pictures

revisions and
cutdowns included

exclusive use,
12 months, worldwide

Any Media +

Online, tv, radio, cinema etc


AUS $20k

original music
scored to pictures

revisions and
cutdowns included

exclusive use,
in perpetuity, worldwide

The Work

Trusted By


Amanda Bennie

I recently used MusicBrief™ to compose a track for a KFC commercial. I put the brief in on a Friday afternoon and had a host of great tracks to choose from on Monday morning. Both creatives and clients were really happy with the selection, and the process itself was seamless. I would recommend MusicBrief™ and will definitely be using them again.

Senior Broadcast Producer at Ogilvy, Sydney

Christine Gibson

With incredible turn around times and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, I will definitely look to MusicBrief™ for future composition needs.

Business Director Redwood BBDO, London

Gary Hardwick

MusicBrief™ Founder Matt Hayward, has to be one of the nicest and most friendly professionals you could hope to work with. His knowledge of the music industry is second to none and he demands a lot from himself so you know the job or project will be delivered on time and to a very high level. I have no concerns whatsoever on recommending Matt to any potential clients.

CEO / Co-Founder at Ripple Collective, New York

Matt Burgess

We used MusicBrief™ to help launch the All-New Suzuki Swift in Australia. Great selection of tracks and the whole process worked seamlessly. Definitely recommend giving them a try for your next project.

Creative Director at The Sanford Partnership, Melbourne

Shaun Branagan

MusicBrief™ is a great resource. It’s like having a bunch of different musos in your office who can whip up demo tracks pronto. The composers score the music to the pictures, so you know right away whether the track works or not. Then you can go on and refine it. The process is simple and quick. Upload your brief and film, and before you know it you’ll have a bunch of demos in your inbox.

Creative Group Head / Head of Digital at Ogilvy, Sydney

Warren Brown

When our car show CarTorque, which screened on channel 10, needed a new theme tune, I contacted MusicBrief™. The response was fast like the cars on the show. Even with a tight budget we were given several options to choose from, so we were able to deliver a great opening sequence and ditch the library music we had been using. MusicBrief™ nailed the soundtrack in a way that couldn’t have been bettered even if we had more money and time.
MusicBrief™ certainly got CarTorque’s motor running.

Executive Producer at CarTorque

Heath George

I loved working with the team at MusicBrief™ and our client couldn’t be happier with the result. We received dozens of demos from them in response to our brief, which helped us select a talented composer suited to our objectives, and they were extremely good at managing, translating and executing our feedback. The MusicBrief™ process is really great value and an innovative solution for original music composition. The licensing process was also a breeze. Highly recommended.

Founder / Executive Producer at Clockwork Films, Sydney

About Us

MusicBrief™ is run by Founder and Executive Producer Matt Hayward, who specialises in creating bespoke music for brand films (TV Commercials, Online Commercials, Corporate Videos etc).

Matt has been working in the music for advertising space for over twenty five years, initially as a composer, working on high-end brand TVC’s for some of Australia and New Zealand’s most awarded creative agencies, then going on to become a producer, founding and running several successful audio post-production businesses, most notably Sound Reservoir and Eclectic Music Machine in Sydney.

Matt recognised that there was not an efficient online model for procuring bespoke music, so he set about creating a platform that would make the whole process of engaging the services of a screen composer, briefing them, making revisions to, then licensing and paying for the final track faster, easier and more cost-effective.

MusicBrief™ boasts a growing roster of 75+ professional screen composers who work in different time zones around the world, out of professional audio post-production facilities and or home studios. All of our composers are accomplished writers, players and or performers, but most importantly they “get” advertising briefs and have a high hit rate of “nailing” them.

At MusicBrief™ we believe that the craft of scoring music to picture is an essential element in bringing any film that has a narrative to life, no matter what the format, and that working to picture has always been, and will always be the preferred method for most professional screen composers to create and craft their work, so wherever we can, we honour this process